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Extended Education ONLINE programs for university and college administrators

Build your career in a university, college, or polytechnic with training from Extended Education at the University of Manitoba. Extended Education provides quality professional development for university, polytechnic, and college administrators as they move forward in their careers.

Higher Education Administration NEW

Higher Education Administration is an online program to introduce aspiring professionals to the world of higher education, connect them with their colleagues from across Canada, and prepare them to move forward in their career. This Letter of Accomplishment (LOA) program demystifies the unique world of higher education in Canada so you can better understand how you fit in and where you can contribute. You will also earn a credential to add to your resume.

Certificate in University and College Administration (CUCA)

Get the background on the complex cultures and administrative challenges found in modern universities and colleges, while learning to become an integral member of the academic administrative team. CUCA I is appropriate for mid-level academic administrators and managers practicing in a post-secondary setting.

Letter of Accomplishment in Academic Advising

This is the only program focusing on enhancing skills and knowledge in academic advising within the Canadian context. Instructors have extensive experience both in theory and practice of academic advising in Canadian universities and colleges. The LOA Academic Advising is appropriate for those in advising functions in universities and colleges.