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Teaching English as a Second Language

Program is accredited by TESL Canada

TESL Program Admission has been Suspended

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Learn to teach language and plan lessons effectively

Teach English to newcomers or teach English abroad with confidence and the power of your TESL credential. The University of Manitoba’s TESL program includes intensive online training followed by an in-class practicum. Learn online from anywhere and put your knowledge into practice at a practicum near you, in a real ESL classroom setting in Canada.

Change your career

Add a university credential to your resume. Open yourself up to new insights on the English language, and to new opportunities to make a difference. Change your career.

Apply your learning in the classroom

The practicum course includes 20 hours in class: 10 hours of classroom observation and 10 hours of classroom teaching in an Adult ESL setting near you. Arranging a practicum is a great way to get your foot in the door, make professional connections, and gain experience somewhere you might like to work. Consider the possibilities in your area and we will work together to arrange your practicum.

A word from an instructor

“Teaching English is about more than speaking it. The program’s practicum is very important, to build on your learning and experience. Students must get a feel for the classroom, and create strategies for interacting with students face-to-face so they can polish their teaching skills. We consider what it means to study and learn a language.”

Tatiana Galetcaia
Instructor, Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)

Understand language and learners

Understand where your learners are coming from and anticipate their questions. Consider the structure and use of the English language. Determine the right way to correct your students and provide constructive feedback. Explore how to structure your lessons with a proven approach to avoid confusing your students.

Program Length

120 hours
8 required courses
Can be completed in a minimum of 4 terms (15 months) to a maximum of 5 years.

TESL Canada Certification

The TESL program is accredited by TESL Canada. In order to obtain TESL Canada certification, you must hold a Bachelor’s degree in addition to the University of Manitoba’s Letter of Accomplishment in Teaching English as a Second Language. Additional information can be found at

Plan Ahead Course Schedule

WinterTESL 0120 Teaching in Practice: Speaking and Listening (REQ)
TESL 0130Teaching in Practice: Reading and Vocabulary (REQ)
TESL 0140Assessment and Evaluation (REQ)
Spring/SummerTESL 0150Resources Development and Integration (REQ)
TESL 0160Transitioning to the Classroom (REQ)
FallTESL 0100Fundamentals of Teaching English as a Second Language (REQ)
TESL 0110Teaching in Practice: Grammar Fundamentals (REQ)
TESL 0170TESL Practicum (REQ)

Letter of Accomplishment in Teaching English as a Second Language

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