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Churchill and the Manitoba Coastal Region

Program Description

The Churchill travel/study program is an intensive introduction to the ecology and cultures of the sub-arctic. Students will participate as members of an interdisciplinary research team with direct access to the unique historical, cultural, and ecological setting of coastal Manitoba. The Churchill Northern Studies Centre (CNSC), near Churchill and Nester 1 field camp in Wapusk National Park, will provide the infrastructure from which students live and work during the course, with logistical support provided by Manitoba Conservation and Parks Canada.

Through a consideration of humans as part of the ecosystem, topics including vegetation dynamics, protected areas, and ecotourism will be discussed in relation to species such as the polar bear, beluga whale, caribou, fox, and Canada goose. We also consider the ways in which environmental change is influencing human health and well-being. Representatives from the region’s indigenous cultures contribute to the course content. Students will be given the opportunity to focus part of the course requirements on their discipline and personal interests.


Department of Environment and Geography

Course Dates

  • This travel/study course is not available in 2017

Course Credits

Students must register for a minimum of an approved 6 credit-hour combination of courses. Past courses that have been included in this program are:


  • ENVR 3010 T60 Research Project in Churchill Ethnoecology (1.5 credit hours)
  • ENVR 4010 T60 Research Project in Churchill Ethnoecology (1.5 credit hours)
  • ENVR 4020 T60 Wildlife and Ethnoecology of the Manitoba Coastal Region (3 credit hours)


  • GEOG 3750 T60 Wildlife and Ethnoecology of the Manitoba Coastal Region (3 credit hours)
  • GEOG 3750 T61 Wildlife and Ethnoecology of the Manitoba Coastal Region (3 credit hours)

Biological Sciences

  • BIOL 4800 T60 Wildlife Project (3 credit hours)
    – or –
  • BIOL 4800 T61 Churchill Project (3 credit hours)
    – and –
  • 3 credit hours selected from any Environment and Geography courses listed above

Details on courses are available online on Aurora. Academic fees are payable to the University of Manitoba. Tuition fees vary for international students.

Admission and Requirements

  • Due to popularity of the course, students are encouraged to register early.
  • Students must register in 6 credit hours.
  • All students must have approval of the instructor. Written consent of the department head is required to participate.
  • Students are required to attend pre-trip sessions.
  • All students must have the required outdoor equipment, pass a safety test, and provide a letter of reference (as requested in order to participate in the course). All students must have approval of the instructor.
  • In order to participate in a travel/study course, all students must sign an Acknowledgement of Responsibility and Liability Waiver that outlines risk and shared responsibility associated with travel/study.

Travel Fees

  • Travel fee is TBA which includes accommodation, most meals, field excursions, and cultural presentations. Transportation costs to and from Churchill, health and trip cancellation insurance, personal expenses, as well as University of Manitoba tuition, are not included.
  • Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements and are required to arrive in Churchill no later than 8:00 a.m. on TBA.
  • Travel fees may be paid by cheque (payable to The University of Manitoba), VISA, MasterCard, or in cash.
  • Payments will be made in two installments. The first payment is a non-refundable deposit. Installment payment due dates TBA.

For More Information

Course information:
Kristina Hunter, Department of Environment & Geography
phone: (204) 474-6461
e-mail: Kristina.hunter@umanitoba.ca
Ryan Brook
e-mail: ryan.brook@usask.ca

Admission, registration and fee payment contact information:

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