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Social Innovators and Educators

Make a Positive Impact on People

People-focused professions are a true calling and vocation. We offer several high-quality programs and courses that prepare new or current counsellors or educators for personally rewarding futures by introducing new skills and knowledge or enhancing previous experience and education.

Programs – many ONLINE options

Adult and Continuing Education

Meet the growing need for adult educators and trainers, and learn how to design and develop adult learning programs to help build professional growth in your organization.

Applied Counselling

Gain knowledge of practical counselling strategies that can provide objective and useful guidance in personal, social, or psychological scenarios within a group or individual context.

Program Development for Adult Learners (PDAL)

Become a better adult educator with this program.

E-Learning LOA

Gain knowledge and techniques to design and/or deliver e-learning platforms.

Keep learning – Degree option

Bachelor of Arts Integrated Studies

There’s more than one way to earn a degree. Start with a certificate. Some Extended Education certificates can be applied towards this U of M undergraduate degree.