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New Projects

Learn about new projects under development in Extended Education. Here’s a look at our latest upcoming projects including proposed programs and courses. Proposed programs are either focused on social impact or making a difference in our community in collaboration with others, or designed as revenue-generating.

Projects currently under development in Extended Education include

Math skills
Project: Youth Leadership program
Anticipated approval date: TBA
Description: A social impact program to support the transition of high school students into post-secondary studies, to start with CEDA Pathways to Education students (Indigenous, newcomer, low-income), with content to focus on academic and life skills, leadership, and cultural identity.
Project Business Case: Program pitch
April 2018, updated July 2018
Cannabis program
Project: Cannabis program
Anticipated approval date: TBA
Description: As cannabis is legalized, working on a potential collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture, this revenue-generating program might include the science and history of cannabis, and topics like production, processing, marketing & retail, and cannabis 101.
Project Pitch: April 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Project: Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Anticipated approval date: TBA
Description: Manitoba is behind in AI, so the time is right for a local program. In discussion with ICTAM, and possibly other faculties including science and agriculture, the specifics are yet to be determined.
Project Business Case: Program Pitch April 2018
Business Analysis
Project: Business Analysis program
Anticipated approval date: Approved in December 2019
Description: Extended Education provides Business Analysis and Applied Business Analysis programs.
Math skills
Project: The Dean’s Lecture Series 2018-2019
Anticipated approval date: Approved
Description: A series of four presentations sponsored by the dean of Extended Education. The first successful event was held in May 2018.

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