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New Projects

Learn about new projects under development in Extended Education. Here’s a look at our latest upcoming projects including proposed programs and courses. Proposed programs are either focused on social impact or making a difference in our community in collaboration with others, or designed as revenue-generating.

Projects currently under development in Extended Education include

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Project: Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning Solutions
Anticipated Launch: TBA
Description: The new Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning Solutions program will soon be offered, online. Stay tuned to learn more.

Field Readiness
Project: Field Readiness and Safety Course
Anticipated Launch: TBA
Description: A course to prepare participants for field work, to be offered in partnership with EcoLogic Environmental Ltd. and the Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth and Resources. This five-day residency course will include important safety measures and foundational technical skills.
Advanced Manufacturing

Project: Advanced Manufacturing and Industry Development Course
Winter 2021
Description: MGMT 0292 Understanding the Business Case for Advanced Manufacturing

Business Analysis
Project: Business Analysis program
Launched: Fall 2019
Description: Extended Education provides Business Analysis and Applied Business Analysis programs.

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