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Physics Skills

Be ready for university physics.

Be ready for university physics with Physics Skills. This is the course to refresh your skills, or add to them. If you plan to take a first-year university physics course and you do not have the pre-requisite, or you do have the prerequisite but you would like to further ensure you are well-prepared, this course is for you.

Preparing for university physics
Physics Skills is for you if you plan to pursue health science programs, engineering, or the physical sciences and do not have the physics pre-requirement for Physics 1020 or Physics 1050. You can also take it even if you have taken Physics 40S in high school.

For your information, first-year university physics also requires a pre-calculus math or applied math or equivalent like Math Skills 100.

Consult your student advisor
Always consult your student advisor to ensure you get the right advice for your personal situation.

Physics Skills is offered online. It is simply graded as a Pass or Fail (P/F). To pass, you must obtain at least 55 per cent.

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