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Partnership Programs

Every business and organization has its own set of unique challenges. Extended Education works with them to do more than offer education and training programs. We provide solutions that address their specific situation to strengthen the professional development of their employees and clients by recognizing employer focused in-house training complemented by Extended Education courses. These programs and courses are designed precisely for employees and staff of our partners.


Customer Service Specialization

Gain knowledge and professional tools in customer service management while developing relevant and comprehensive skill that help upgrade your general management abilities.

Leadership Development

Develop your managerial capacity in your life science role by enhancing your general management and industry-specific skills within a leadership context.

Public Sector Management

Cultivate and enhance your public sector management skills as a Government of Manitoba employee who is entering or currently fills a mid-management role.

Retail Management

Gain the management skills required to effectively manage a retail Liquor Mart, and learn everything from business perspective to accounting, and marketing to management.

Utilities Management

Become a better leader by gaining a stronger understanding of the utility sector and the necessary management practices required to address future changes in the hydro industry.