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Municipal Administration

Become an effective municipal administrator with this ONLINE program.

At a glance

Program Length: up to 5 years
Credential: Earn a Certificate in Municipal Administration from the University of Manitoba.


What our partner says

“The Municipal Administration program arms our members with the ability to do a very difficult task, being Chief Administrative Officers of municipalities. It’s a specific skill set that isn’t necessarily acquired in any other program.

“We are constantly working with the university to better deliver the program, with feedback from our members. I feel the University of Manitoba’s Extended Education program has been wonderful for me to work with both as a student and on a professional level.”

Adrienne Bestland, Executive Director, Manitoba Municipal Administrators’ Association

What grads and instructors say

“I am excited to graduate from the program so that I can get this CMMA onto my resume and use everything I have learned through this program and apply it now to my everyday work. It’s going to further progress my career with the municipality. The network I have built is really great. My husband came home from work and said he thinks he wants to go back to school. I said you can start looking at Extended Education.”

Laurel-Lee Kidd, Municipal Administration Grad

“The program helps me to be a better administrator. It has given me a better understanding of municipal administration and government. I think it’s really good to build on your understanding and learn new things. When I had to prepare a budget, I felt very prepared.”

Jodi Thorkelsson, Municipal Administration Grad

““Graduating from the program was very enriching and it is something I will cherish for a long time. I grew as a person in the municipal world, both professionally and personally. There is a lot of value to this Certificate in Manitoba Municipal Administration (CMMA). It was quite enlightening and helpful. I would absolutely recommend it. I was highly encouraged by our CAO to take this program and I am glad I did.””

Paul Boily, Municipal Administration Grad

“I think being a Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) in a municipality can be a very rewarding career. So my goal as an instructor is to ensure students understand the nature of administration for a municipality, and they understand that CAOs play a vital role in the development of communities.”

Wally Melnyk, Instructor & Graduate, Municipal Administration

Grads discuss how COVID-19 affected their Manitoba communities

 “The biggest challenge we’ve had is the constant release of updated health care recommendations, how we’ll be moving forward doing municipal operations. Now we have a lot more procedures and guidelines to make sure everyone is safe.” – Jodi Thorkelsson, Grad

“Every part of how we operate has had to adapt to this. It’s been a challenge. We still want the public engaged in the municipality and their concerns heard.”- Paul Boily, Grad

“What I see are the numbers of what Covid is actually costing the city. So we’ve actually been lucky enough.”- Laurel-Lee Kidd, Grad

“I’ll remember it as a disaster. It’s been a very, very tough year for everybody involved.”- Wally Melnyk, Instructor

Make a World of Difference on a Local Level

Make a positive impact on the everyday lives of citizens and gain the essential body of knowledge to be an effective municipal administrator, and a leader in local governments with a certificate in Municipal Administration.

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Program Description

as listed in the 2020-2021 Academic Calendar

The Certificate in Manitoba Municipal Administration provides students with the knowledge and skills required to assume administrative responsibilities within small to mid-sized municipalities. This comprehensive program, which can be completed in one year, covers key topics for current and future municipal administrators, including municipal accounting, municipal law and municipal administration.

Credential Awarded

Certificate in Manitoba Municipal Administration

Who is the Program for?

You’re invited to apply if you are employed, or wish to be employed, in the municipal field.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to the program, you must have a high school diploma (or its equivalent). Simply complete and submit an application form, pay the application fee and submit a high school or post-secondary transcript. 


The Manitoba Municipal Administrators’ Association (MMAA) are co-sponsors of this program. Representatives from the Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) are also on the Program’s Advisory Committee. 


  • CMMA is a partner program of the Manitoba Municipal Administrators Association (MMAA) and the Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM)
  • All courses are delivered online. The CMMA program can be completed within one year by taking two courses per term
  • CMMA provides networking opportunities for those working in Rural Municipalities
  • CMMA courses are eligible for PD credit to maintain MMAA membership

Program Length

Up to 5 years

Delivery Methods



$100 program application fee plus tuition of $620 to $690 per University of Manitoba course.

Certification and Graduation

To qualify for graduation and receive a certificate, you must complete all required courses and seminars within 5 years of initial registration in the program. You must declare your intent to graduate through Aurora Self Service. An overall Grade Point Average of at least 2.0 (C) is required to graduate. Upon completion of this certificate program and you achieve an overall GPA of 3.8 or higher, you will be eligible to receive a certificate “with distinction”. After successfully completing a NACLAA Elective course with a minimum grade of “C”, you must submit a Certificate Course Credit Request form and an original transcript to the Program Administrator. Students must complete all program requirements by the December 31st deadline and declare intent to graduate in Aurora (select February) in order to be eligible for April graduation at the Annual MMAA Conference.


Required Courses

  • FINC 0180 – Introductory Accounting for Municipal Managers
  • HRM 0100 – Managing the Human Resource Function
  • FINC 0380 – Municipal Accounting
  • MGMT 0180 – Municipal Administration
  • MGMT 0280 – Municipal Law

You must successfully complete Introductory Accounting for Municipal Managers before taking Municipal Accounting.


As a student, in the CMMA certificate program must take one of following three Electives:

  • LDRS 0180 – Leadership for Municipal Managers Concept, Principles and Application
  • Local Government (EXLGP08200)
  • Public Administration Professionalism (EXLGP08201)

Local Government (08200) and Public Administration Professionalism (08201) Electives are offered through the National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration (NACLAA). Students opting to take one of the NACLAA Elective courses must register directly with the University of Alberta:

We recommend that you do not wait until your final year in the CMMA program to take the NACLAA course as the grades will not arrive from the University of Alberta in time for you to graduate in the same academic year.

Plan Ahead Course Schedule

TERMCOURSE NUMBERCOURSE NAME (all courses Online format)
Winter MGMT 0280Municipal Law (REQ)
FINC 0180Introductory Accounting for Municipal Managers (REQ)
HRM 0100Managing the Human Resource Function (REQ)
Spring/SummerLDRS 0180Leadership for Municipal Managers (ELE)
HRM 0100Managing the Human Resource Function (REQ)
FallFINC 0380 Municipal Accounting (REQ)
HRM 0100Managing the Human Resource Function (REQ)
MGMT 0180Municipal Administration (REQ)


What is Online Learning?

Online learning is how we offer the course content. The where and when and is completely up to you. You’re free to decide the way that you’d like to integrate the classroom into your life, whether you’d like to do the course work on lunch breaks, in bed, or on a picnic table on a leisurely Saturday afternoon. Simply download the course modules, and learn at your own pace. Remember, instructors are still available to help when you need it. Online courses are delivered through UofM’s online learning management system UM Learn.

How long does it take to complete the program?

You have up to five years to complete the program in order to be awarded your certificate. 

Do I have to take the courses in a specific order?

For this program, you need to successfully complete Introductory Accounting for Municipal Managers before taking Municipal Accounting. 

Can I enroll in just a single course if I'm not interested in the entire program?

Yes, you can enroll in just a single course. Completed courses can later be applied towards a Certificate in Municipal Administration. 

What is the passing grade?

Most courses consist of a combination of term work (assignments) and a final exam. Some CMMA Courses require a score of at least 50% on the final exam and achieving a minimum overall course grade of “C” (60%) to qualify for a pass. Students must achieve a minimum overall GPA score of 2.0 (C) to graduate.

Apply to the Program

1. Fill Out an Application Form

Download and submit a completed Program Application Form.
Program Application Form (PDF)

2. Gather Your Transcripts

Students may submit photocopies or screen shots of academic transcripts with their Program Application. Transcripts become the property of University of Manitoba and will not be returned.

3. Submit Your Documents

Submit completed application form and transcripts by email or mail to:
Student and Instructor Services

185 Extended Education Complex
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB, R3T 2N2

Register ONLINE Now

  1. Select a course and Click “Register” for a course in the term you wish to begin
  2. “Submit” the Registration Form
  3. Pay for the course
  4. For more information, email us

    NOTE: To register for additional course, return to the program page and repeat the process above.