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Intensive English Program (IEP)

Expand Your World with New Words
Learn English in a high-quality academic institution, with access to campus services and to extensive social, cultural, and recreational opportunities through Experience Manitoba Activities in our Intensive English.

The Intensive English Program has monthly start dates and offers seven levels of English language learning from low beginner to advanced, helping you to build your confidence in using English in academic, professional and social settings.

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If you’re new to English or just want to enhance your reading, writing or speaking abilities, we’ll find your fit. IE offers seven levels of English classes from beginner to advanced. Feel confident to communicate in academic, professional and social settings. Start by taking an online placement test to determine which level is best suited for you. Discover Canadian culture and explore ‘Friendly Manitoba.’ Jump in one of our 100,000 lakes, take in various festivals, bundle up for a winter activity, or get loud at one of our professional sporting events. You also have the opportunity to travel off-campus and to other parts of Canada to enrich your experience. Live on campus with domestic and international students, or live with a homestay family to get a real taste for Canadian family life. You will also have access to all of the university services. Prepare for university study and develop your conversational English at our Conversation Café, Language Partner or by interacting with our diverse population of students and staff.

Advantages of Studying at University of Manitoba

With Intensive English you get all of the advantages of studying at the University of Manitoba.

  • Participate in the University of Manitoba’s vibrant campus community
  • Be taken care of by our friendly and welcoming staff and students
  • Learn English in a high quality academic environment
  • Join a variety of student groups and sports clubs
  • Combine your English language study with university courses
  • Use campus services including libraries and computer labs
  • Explore Manitoba’s vast landscape

Social and Cultural Advantages

  • Extensive social, cultural and recreational opportunities through our Experience Manitoba Activities
  • Extensive social, cultural and recreational opportunities through our Experience Manitoba Activities
  • Volunteer experience options
  • Opportunities to improve conversational English ability with our Language Partner and Conversation Cafe
  • Meaningful interaction with University of Manitoba students in social, cultural, recreational and academic environments
  • Combine English language training with special areas of interest
  • Homestay family accommodation option

Session Length

Each IE session takes two months to complete and consists of 192 hours of instruction.

Fees and Options


Admission and Tuition Fees

  • $300 admission fee (non-refundable)
  • Tuition fees – $1,330 CAD per month
  • Students who have completed 15% or less of their programming qualify for a 50% tuition refund. Application and accommodation fees are non-refundable.

Tuition fees include tuition, access to computer labs and libraries on campus, as well as transportation and admission to all Experience Manitoba events. The programming fees are due 30 days before the start.

Room and Board

Choose from either the Residence Option or Homestay Option. Homestay Option: Canada Homestay Network

  • Fees are subject to change without notice
  • A $100 extension fee is charged for all extensions
  • *Total fee payment to be determined at time of registration

Record of Achievement

A cover letter, unofficial transcript and an IEP course reference guide will be mailed to you approximately 6-8 weeks after your program end date.

Certificate in General Competency in English

Once you have successfully completed both modules I and II in levels 0600 and 0700, you are eligible for the Certificate in General Competency in English (CGCE).

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my visa application is rejected?

If your visa application is denied, we are prepared to issue a full refund minus the $300 application fee.

How many levels in Intensive English?

We have 7 levels in Intensive English, from Beginner to Advanced.

After I send in my application and pay my deposit, how long do I wait for my letter of acceptance?

After receipt of your application and deposit payment, your registration will be processed within 5-10 business days. A copy of your letter of acceptance will be sent to you by email.

Registration and Payment


1. Fill Out an Application Form

Download and submit a completed Application Form (PDF).

IEP Application Form (PDF)

2. Submit Your Documents

Submit a completed application form to: Student and Instructor Services

185 Extended Education Complex University of Manitoba Winnipeg, MB, R3T 2N2

or by email: Payment of programming and accommodation fees are required one month prior to the start of the session. Students who fail to pay their fees will not be allowed to attend classes until payment is received in full.

Recommended Options:

  • Credit card – We accept Visa or Master Card
  • Western Union (WU) Business Solutions

Benefits of using WU over Bank Wire:

  • Pay your fees in the currency of your choice which then will be converted to Canadian Dollars
  • The exchange rate is valid for 72 hours after the transaction is initiated
  • The exchange rate is competitive when compared to most banks’ retail rates
  • There are NO Additional transaction charges from Western Union or The University of Manitoba (you may be charged transaction fees by your bank)
  • Payments received will include your reference information, which ensures your payment reaches your student account quickly (usually between 2 and 5 business days)

Making a Payment

Step 2: Process Payment

  • Enter your name and student ID number
  • Select Extended Education from the options and enter the amount of Canadian Dollars to pay
  • Select payment currency
  • Finalize transaction

Step 3: Bank Transfer

  • Use payment confirmation form to make a payment with your bank
  • Local bank will transfer funds to Western Union Business Solutions and they will send the funds to the University of Manitoba

How to do a bank transfer through Western Union: English | Arabic | Korean | Chinese | French

Step 4: Payment finalized

  • The University of Manitoba will post the Canadian dollars equivalency to your student account.
  • International Bank Wire – Contact us for more information
  • Cash, Cheque or Money order – Payable to the University of Manitoba (post-dated cheques will be accepted)

Placement Test


Prior to starting Intensive English, an online placement test is taken to determine the English proficiency level of students. Students are then placed in a level best suited to their English ability. The test must be taken online prior to arrival. Instructions to take the test will be sent to new students upon acceptance. Students will receive their test results on the first day of orientation at the University of Manitoba. It’s highly recommended that you take the test before arrival. If for any reason it’s not possible to take the online test before arrival, arrangements must be made to write the test at the University of Manitoba on orientation day.

The test must be completed under the following conditions:

  • Do the test by yourself without anybody’s assistance
  • Do not use any type of dictionary
  • Do not attempt to reproduce the test

Placement test instructions For more information about the online placement test please email

Get your health care plan

As an International student with Extended Education at the University of Manitoba, you are required to get your own health care plan. Effective Sept. 1, 2018, the Manitoba government no longer covers international students in Extended Education under Manitoba Health. All current and future students are required to obtain alternate health coverage. Get your health care plan now.

Experience Manitoba

Our Experience Manitoba Activities help you to use the English you have learned in the classroom in the community.

Upcoming Intakes

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Sept 2019 - Open
Jan 2020 - Coming soon

Applied Business Management
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Jan 2020 - Coming soon

Applied HR Management
Sept 2019 - Closed
Jan 2020 - coming soon

Intensive English Program

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“IEP is a good chance to meet foreign students, as well as to improve your English.”