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Human Resource Management

Be Your Greatest HR Success Story

Reach for the higher echelons of your organization and make a greater strategic impact on its direction. Become a leader in Human Resources with innovative courses that correspond with the HR competency framework with the Certificate in Human Resource Management (HRM).

The HR World is Evolving

Your Education is Evolving With It

Expectations are rising. Chartered Professionals in Human Resources' (CPHR) new Post-Secondary Institution Accreditation Programs strives to meet those expectations - and exceed them.

Our Certificate in Human Resource Management program has been redesigned to specifically meet the accreditation requirements of the new Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) designation, and the growing business and organizational expectations placed on today's HR professionals.

Upon graduating - you may be eligible to waive writing the National Knowledge Exam (NKE) , shortening the distance between you and your career goals.

How letters lead to better numbers

When you have CPHR added to your title, you’re more likely to get promoted faster than non-designated HR professionals*


HR generalists who become HR managers in five years.


HR generalists with CPHR who become HR managers in five years.

*2012 Payscale survey. Source: HRMA

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Program Description

Learn the leadership, teamwork, communication and strategic planning skills required of Human Resource Management Professionals. We have worked with industry experts to revise the Human Resource program to align with changes to the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) Competency Framework. By completing nine required courses (varying between 12 and 36 contact hours) and 36 contact hours of elective credit you will gain specialized HR knowledge and will be better positioned to take on new challenges and opportunities in the HR field.

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Who is the Program for?

You will benefit from this program whether you have some work experience, you are new to the HR field, or you’re simply interested in learning about human resource issues.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to the program, you must have a high school diploma (or its equivalent). You need to complete and submit an application form, pay the application fee and provide an official high school and/or post-secondary transcript.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the program Human Resource Management students will be able to:

  • Gain essential knowledge and skills that have an impact on human resource management roles
  • Acquire foundational information and develop skills that correspond to the new Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) Competency Framework, as defined by the CPHR Canada
  • Attain foundational knowledge to pursue the CPHR designation
  • Focus on a variety of applicable areas and issues through the revised elective component

Program Length

1 – 6 years part time. The program consists of 288 hours. You may start your courses in the fall, winter or summer. Courses are offered in a variety of formats to suit the adult leaner. Evening courses generally run for three hours, one night each week for 12 weeks. We also offer courses in condensed formats and by online delivery.

Delivery Methods

Face-to-Face, Condensed or Online Delivery


$100 application fee plus $4,760 for course tuition.


You have six years from the date of registration in the program to complete the requirements for this certificate. In order to be eligible to graduate, you need to obtain a minimum grade of C in each course and declare intent to graduate via Aurora Self Service. The Certificate in Human Resource Management is awarded by Extended Education at the University of Manitoba

Exemption/Transfer Credits

You may be eligible to receive exemptions or transfer credit for courses taken in other University of Manitoba programs or at other post-secondary institutions. Courses must have been taken within the past ten years with a grade of “C” or better to be eligible for transfer credit. A maximum of 50% of program requirements may be obtained this way.


Required Courses

  • HRM 0100 – Managing the Human Resource Function (36 hrs.)
  • HRM 0110 – Human Resource Legislation (36 hrs.)
  • HRM 0122 – Recruitment and Selection (30 hrs.)
  • HRM 0124 –Workplace Health and Safety (12 hrs.)
  • HRM 0126 – Strategic Human Resource Planning (24 hrs.)
  • HRM 0128 – Measuring the Human Resource Efficiency and Effectiveness (12 hrs.)
  • HRM 0210 – Total Compensation (36 hrs.)
  • MGMT 0110 – Organizational Behaviour (36 hrs.)
  • MGMT 0202 – Staff Training and Development (30 hrs.)

Elective Courses (must total 36 contact hours)

  • HRM 0202 – Labour Relations (18 contact hours)
  • HRM 0134 – Ethics and Social Responsibility (18 contact hours)
  • HRM 0130 – Employee Communication and Coaching (18 contact hours)
  • MGMT 0100 – Canadian Business: An Introduction (36 contact hours)

Course Schedule

TERMCOURSE NUMBERCOURSE NAME (Courses run in Online/Face-to-Face formats)
Fall 2018HRM 0100Managing the HR Function (REQ) FTF
MGMT 0110Organizational Behaviour (REQ) OL
HRM 0122Recruitment and Selection (REQ) FTF
HRM 126Strategic HR Planning HRM (REQ) OL
MGMT 0100Canadian Business: an Introduction (ELE) FTF
HRM 0110HR Legislation (REQ) FTF
HRM 0134HR Ethics and Social Responsibility (ELE) OL
Winter 2019MGMT 0122The Practice of Change Management (ELE) OL
HRM 0100Managing the Human Resource Function (REQ) OL
MGMT 0202Staff Training and Development (REQ) OL
MGMT 0110Organizational Behaviour (REQ) FTF
HRM 0210Total Compensation (REQ) FTF
HRM 0130Employee Communication and Coaching (ELE) OL
MGMT 0100Canadian Business: An Introduction (ELE) OL
Spring 2019HRM 0100Managing the HR Function HRM 0100 (REQ) - OL
HRM 0124Workplace Health and Safety (REQ) OL
HRM 0202Labour Relations (ELE) - OL
HRM 0110Human Resource Legislation - OL


What is Online Learning?

Online learning is how we offer the course content. The where and when and is completely up to you. You’re free to decide the way that you’d like to integrate the classroom into your life, whether you’d like to do the course work on lunch breaks, in bed, or on a picnic table on a leisurely Saturday afternoon. Simply download the course modules, and learn at your own pace and submit assignments by the dues dates. Remember, instructors are still available to help when you need it. Online courses are delivered through UofM’s online learning management system UM Learn.

Are HRM courses transferrable to degree studies?

Yes, HRM graduates are eligible to transfer up to 24 credit hours towards the University of Manitoba’s Bachelor of Arts Integrated Studies (BAIS) degree through the Faculty of Arts.

How long does it take to complete the program?

1-6 years part time. The program consists of 288 hours.

Can I just enroll in a single course if I'm not interested in the entire program?

Yes, you can enroll in just a single course. You can apply your completed courses towards a Certificate in Human Resource Management (HRM) at a later date.



Apply to the Program

1. Fill Out an Application Form

Download and submit a completed Program Application Form.
Program Application Form (PDF)

2. Gather Your Transcripts

Submit official transcripts of the highest level of education you have completed. Student copies or photocopies are not acceptable. Transcripts become the property of University of Manitoba and will not be returned.

3. Submit Your Documents

Submit completed application form and transcripts to:
Student and Instructor Services

185 Extended Education Complex
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB, R3T 2N2
or by email:

Final official transcripts from any university or college attended other than University of Manitoba are required. Student copies or photocopies are not acceptable. Transcripts become the property of University of Manitoba and will not be returned.

4. Register for Your Courses

You can register for courses either online or by email, mail, in person or fax.

Register by email, mail, in person or fax
Download and submit a completed Course Registration Form
Course Registration Form (PDF)

Register online


Register for a Course

You can register for courses either online or by email, mail, in person or fax. Please note, online registration is not supported on iOS (iPhone) and Android phone browsers.

View the Course Catalogue

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Register by email, mail, in person or fax

1. Download and fill out Course Registration Form (PDF)
2. Send your completed form by email, mail, in person or fax to:

Extended Education

185 Extended Education Complex
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
R3T 2N2
Phone: +1 204 474-8800
Toll Free: 1 888 216-7011
Fax: +1 204 474-7661

“ The Continuing Education and Professional Studies programs, such as the Certificate in Management, Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education [Program Development for Adult Learners], and Human Resource Management Certificate have become a valuable piece of our continuing education strategy”

Anna Wieler

Vice President, Human Resources , Access Credit Union

Student Quick Start Guide

Important information to help you have a positive experience in Continuing and Professional Studies. (PDF)

Earn a B.A. in a Different Way

Bachelor of Arts Integrated Studies

Take your education to the next level and apply your certificate towards an undergraduate degree. Graduates of the Certificate in Human Resource Management (HRM) program are eligible to use their certificates in pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts Integrated Studies degree.