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CHERD presents

Professional Development Webinars

PSE in the Midst of Black Swan Events

2 Free Webinars,
Registration Required – Limited Number of Participants

Date: Tuesday, June 16, 2020 & Thursday, June 18, 2020
Time: 12:00 to 1:15 pm CDT
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PSE in the Midst of Black Swan Events – 2 webinars

CHERD presents an opportunity for post-secondary leaders and managers across Canada to learn about the consequences of the pandemic for post-secondary education. Examine the responses of our institutions as we look at where to go from here. Join CHERD Flagship Program Facilitators and Guests in an interactive discussion about the leadership skills required to guide our institutions in these unprecedented times.

At SUAC 2019, Tom Chase, Interim President and former Provost, University of Regina, said the possibility of a black swan, an unforeseen event with extreme consequences, seemed academic. But now, he says, “Less than a year later, we find ourselves in the midst of an entire bank (that’s the collective noun) of black swans.”

Webinar 1

Leadership in the Midst of a Black Swan Event 

Examine how Canadian post-secondary institutions and their constituent units have responded to the pandemic, with a specific focus on the identification of leadership best practices. The topics to be addressed include:

  1. Pedagogy
  2. Governance – Senate and Board, finances
  3. Student issues – ancillaries, financial aid, counselling, advising, international students, grades
  4. Faculty – teaching support, evaluation of teaching, tenure and promotion, sabbatical leaves
  5. Support staff – telework, essential services including physical plant and security
  6. Ceremonial – Convocation postponements and alternatives
  7. Administrative issues
  8. Communication

Webinar 2

Leadership Post-COVID 

Now, shift the focus from short-term emergency response to what John Kroger has termed long-term strategic adjustment. How can we take our learning and experiences and pivot from short-term to long-term strategies for our organizations? As the virus dissipates, how will our institutions respond? Will our institutions look the same as they did before March 2020? Are there residual impacts higher education needs to address?  Did institutions develop new perspectives and new ways of thinking that might inform a more appropriate higher education for the future? The discussion will include financial exigency, student financial support, pedagogy, student services, labour relations and collective bargaining post-COVID, and campus communities’ mental health. We will also discuss the role PSE institutions may play in helping the broader community tackle these new realities.


Sheila Brown, President Emerita, Mount Saint Vincent University, and Higher Education Consultant
Thomas Chase, Interim President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Regina
Adam Gaudry, Associate Dean (Research and Graduate Studies), Faculty of Native Studies, University of Alberta
Donna Janiec, Vice-President Administration, Queen’s University
George MacLean, Vice President Academic, University of New Brunswick
Miles Turnbull, Vice- Principal Academic, Bishop’s University

Leading an Academic Department During Times of Crisis

Leading an Academic Department During Times of Crisis was a free one-hour webinar for university and college department heads, chairs, and directors. This new professional development opportunity by the Centre for Higher Education Research and Development (CHERD) showed how heads, chairs, and directors can provide clear leadership to their academic units while protecting personal well-being during times of uncertainty and crisis.

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Jonathan Malloy, Speaker

Jonathan is Professor of Political Science at Carleton University where he holds the Bell Chair in Canadian Parliamentary Democracy. He served as Chair of the Department of Political Science from 2012 to 2018 and now sits on his university’s Board of Governors and Senate Quality Assurance and Planning Committee.

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Loleen Berdahl, Speaker

Loleen is Professor and Head of Political Studies at the University of Saskatchewan. In addition to serving as department head since 2016, Loleen has played an active role in university and college committees pertaining to collegial processes, resource management, faculty relations, curriculum, and governance.

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Kathleen Matheos, Moderator

Kathleen is Associate Professor in the Centre for Higher Education Research and Development (CHERD), Extended Education at the University of Manitoba.  She served as Associate Dean in Extended Education from 2005 through 2016 and has facilitated professional development for academic administrators both in Canada and internationally for over 15 years.

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