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The Dean’s Lecture Series 2018-2019

Moving communities forward

In May 2018, Extended Education at the U of M’s first Dean’s Lecture Series session on Smart City-Intelligent Communities provided a chance to start the conversation about how we will move our community forward. As the series expands to four sessions this season, let the discussion continue. Please join us.

Next Session:

Tues. Oct. 23 from 12:15 to 1:30 pm at Forth, 171 McDermott Ave.

Education for Social Justice: Creating opportunity to make our community a better place

Creating a just society, a community where everyone has the opportunities to realize their potential and live a good life, requires education. There’s no doubt there are many obstacles including poverty, homelessness, and more, but education can move a community forward. Let’s explore the educational opportunities and other strategies for success being created for specific groups including the poor, Indigenous people and immigrants.

Featured Speakers

Niigaan Sinclair

Professor, Native Studies, U of M

Dorota Blumczynska

Executive Director of the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM)

Jordan Bighorn

CEDA Pathways to Education Program Manager


Gary Hepburn

Dean, Extended Education, U of M

Up next- 3 more sessions with dates TBA


February 2019

Legal Cannabis:  Determining Fitness to Work and Fitness to Learn
The debate is over. Cannabis is now legal, and we must determine how to adapt accordingly, both in the classroom and in the workplace. Whether people are using marijuana for pain management or recreation, when they bring their use to work or to the classroom, we must have a plan. It’s time to clarify how we will determine users’ fitness to work and their fitness to learn. From educators to business people and HR professionals, it’s time to consider our answers for this new challenge that’s now before us.

March 2019

Opioid & Crystal Meth Addiction:  How to Regulate the Problem
Drug addiction is detrimental for both individuals and their communities. People living with addiction can lose every opportunity in life, and gain a criminal record for their possession of non-prescription opioids or meth. Addiction is not a crime so perhaps we should look at new strategies to address it. Options could include providing safe injection sites, decriminalization and legalization, and more. Let’s consider what we might do in order to reduce the harm to our people, and move our community forward.  The legalization of cannabis may be just the beginning.

May 2019

Smart Transportation: Travelling into the Future and Picking up Steam
Creative and modern approaches are needed to transport our city into the future. With infrastructure renewal and expansion, new neighbourhoods, emergency service requirements, public transit, bike paths, and more, there are many aspects to optimizing our transportation plans for the future. Winnipeg recently developed Smart Transportation Evolution and Advanced Mobility (STEAM). STEAM initiatives operate through the Advanced Mobility Intelligence System (AMIS). Let’s look at how STEAM can move our community forward and make our lives better.

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