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Certificate in University & College Administration (CUCA)

Become an integral member of the administrative team with this certificate program.

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Program Length: 200 contact hours
Fees: $4,860 plus $100 registration fee
Credential: Earn a Certificate in University and College Administration (CUCA) from the University of Manitoba.

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Program Description

The program is designed to provide a background to the complex cultures and administrative challenges found in modern universities and colleges, and to help practitioners become integral members of the academic administrative team.

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Who is the Program for?

The Certificate in University and College Administration (CUCA) program is designed for mid-level administrators practicing in a post-secondary setting.

Admission Requirements

Prerequisite requirements include:

  • Applicants must meet general admission guidelines for entrance into the University of Manitoba. Individuals currently working in higher education institutions are encouraged to apply.

Program Objectives

The CUCA program aims to:

  • Provide an understanding of university and college cultures and governance
  • Provide a background so that participants can function as part of the academic/administrative team
  • Provide an understanding of student roles, needs and accessibility issues
  • Emphasize the role of accurate and concise communication skills for administrators provide an understanding of some of the group dynamics of the workplace

Program Structure

The program consists of a core of four courses, plus four electives selected from three groups of courses (at least one course must be selected from each group). Periodically new courses on emerging issues will be offered in each group.

Program Length

Each completed course is granted 25 contact hours. The total length of the CUCA program is 200 contact hours.

Course Instructors

Course instructors are experienced practitioners drawn from the post-secondary sector, and the primary emphasis will be on experiential learning and practical application.

Delivery Methods

Each course will be delivered online using UM Learn.


Courses are graded on a pass/fail basis.


Each course is $595 CAD.


The program consists of a core of four courses and four electives to be selected from three groups of courses, (at least one course must be selected from each group).

Core Courses

  • Mission, Culture, and Governance of Higher Education
  • Financial Management and Budgeting
  • The Role of the Student and Student Needs
  • Powerful Communication through Writing

Group A

  • Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Effective Communication
  • Administrative Law

Group B

  • Special Topics: Aboriginal Students and the Post-Secondary Journey
  • Working with Cultural Differences (Not currently offered)
  • Supporting International Students (Formerly Supporting New Cdn Students)
  • Supporting Students with Disabilities
  • Special Topics: Assessment of Academic Advising
  • Special Topics: Current Issues in Advising
  • Special Topics: Advising International Students
  • Special Topics: Advising Essentials

Group C

  • Key Performance Indicators and Accountability
  • Strategic Planning at the Unit Level
  • Branding
  • Technological Implications – Insights into Higher Education Information Technology

Plan Ahead Course Schedule

WINTERCUCA 0102 Mission, Culture and Governance (REQ)
CUCA 0106The Role of the Student and Student Needs (REQ)
CUCA 0122Supporting Students with Disabilities (ELE B)
CUCA 0152Assessment of Academic Advising (ELE B)
SPRING/SUMMERCHRD 0114Special Topics: Current Issues in Advising (ELE B)
CHRD 0116Special Topics: Advising International Students (ELE B)
CUCA 0134Strategic Planning at the Unit Level (ELE C)
FALLCUCA 0104Powerful Communications through Writing (REQ)
CUCA 0100Financial Management and Budgeting (REQ)
CUCA 0116Leadership (ELE A)
CHRD 0110Special Topics: Advising Essentials (ELE B)
CUCA 0150Special Topics: Aboriginal Students and the Post-Secondary Journey (ELE B)
CUCA 0130Branding (ELE C)


What is Online Learning?

Online learning is a way to learn from and engage with peers and your instructor, while at the same time gaining digital literacy. You can access your course 24/7 regardless of your location as long as you have access to the internet. While students may be located all over your city or country, students and instructors come together on the website in UM Learn. It is on UM Learn that you will find the assignments and their due dates, discussion forums, topic notes, and video presentations.

Can I just enroll in a single course if I'm not interested in the entire program?

You can enroll in a single course. Completed courses can later be applied towards the Certificate in University and College Administration (CUCA).


Apply to the Program

Applications may be made to the certificate program at any time.


Fill Out an Application Form

Download and submit a completed Program Application Form.

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Application Fees

There is an application fee of $100.00 for admission to the program.

Transfer Credits

If an applicant has successfully completed equivalent courses offered by Extended Education or by other institutions, transfer credits may be granted. To be eligible for credit, courses must have been completed within the last four years. The total of these credits may not exceed one half of the program credits.

Transfer Credits: Previous Extended Education Courses

Upon the applicant’s admission to the certificate program, Extended Education will review any previous courses taken with Extended Education. For any course that meets the criteria listed under Transfer Credits, the credit hours will be transferred. No fee is charged for these transfers.

Transfer Credits: From Other Institutions

If the applicant has successfully completed courses at other institutions that meet the criteria listed under Transfer Credits, a request may be made in writing to Extended Education at the University of Manitoba. Documentation such as course outline/course content, length of course and proof of successful completion will also need to be included with the request. You may include more than one course in your request – it is not necessary to send a separate letter for each course.

Student Performance

All participants in the certificate program are graded on a pass/fail grade for each course. Participants are assessed on their active contribution and completion of all aspects of the course, including assignments, group discussions, etc.

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    1. Select a course and Click “Register” for a course in the term you wish to begin
    2. “Submit” the Registration Form
    3. Pay for the course

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    NOTE: To register for additional course, return to the program page and repeat the process above.

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    Please choose one of the following options:

    Course Cancellations

    Extended Education reserves the right to cancel courses in the event of insufficient registration. If a course must be cancelled, all registrants will be placed on a waitlist, and notified once the next offering of the course is available.


    If payments have been processed prior to course cancellation, arrangements will be made for either a full refund or a credit to be applied towards another Extended Education course offering. This credit will only be carried over for one year.

    Participant Cancellations

    If a participant cancels their registration in a course prior to the course start date there will be no fees charged. Cancellations must be submitted in writing or by email prior to the course start date.

    Participant Withdrawals

    If a participant withdraws from a course after the course start date there will be no refunds issued. Course withdrawals must be submitted in writing or by email.