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The Bachelor of Arts Integrated Studies

Start with a certificate and apply it to this undergraduate degree.

Earn a certificate and keep learning

There’s more than one way to earn a degree. Start with a certificate from Extended Education. We have several certificate programs that can be applied towards a Bachelor of Arts Integrated Studies (BAIS) degree from the University of Manitoba. Earn one of these university certificates and get a jump-start on a degree with as much as about the first year of study, while earning a first university credential.

Based on interests and professional needs

The Bachelor of Arts Integrated Studies is based on concentrations of study rather than the traditional major and minor approach. These areas of concentration and elective components provide more flexibility to choose courses based on individual interests and professional needs.

Stackable credentials

BAIS is a 90 credit hour degree program, designed for those who have completed some post-secondary education and would like to complete an undergraduate degree. Several of Extended Education’s U of M certificate programs are formally recognized by this program and qualify for guaranteed transfer credit into the BAIS program. Consider them stackable credentials.

Certificate programs that apply towards the degree

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