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Applied Management

Be Your Greatest HR Success Story

The Certificate in Applied Management (CAM) is designed to provide individuals in various work environments with the opportunity to combine management studies with applications relevant to their own careers.

CAM is offered in partnership with partner organizations; registration is restricted to employees of the partnering organization.

CAM program and registrants have the opportunity to study a common set of generic required courses. Admission requirements can be reviewed under each program webpage.

Students also select a particular specialization appropriate to their own professional development interests.

CAM Program Specializations

Customer Service Specialization

Gain knowledge and professional tools in customer service management while developing relevant and comprehensive skill that help upgrade your general management abilities.

Leadership Development

Develop your managerial capacity in your life science role by enhancing your general management and industry-specific skills within a leadership context.

Retail Management

Gain the management skills required to effectively manage a retail Liquor Mart, and learn everything from business perspective to accounting, and marketing to management.

Utilities Management

Become a better leader by gaining a stronger understanding of the utility sector and the necessary management practices required to address future changes in the hydro industry.

Organizational Effectiveness

Learn how to apply general management theory with specialized training in improving organizational effectiveness

Earn a B.A. in a Different Way

Bachelor of Arts Integrated Studies

Take your education to the next level and apply your certificate towards an undergraduate degree. Graduates of the Certificate in Applied Management (CAM) program are eligible to use their certificates in pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts Integrated Studies degree.