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Applied Human Resource Management

A 12-month full-time Intensive Program Package in Canada

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“Human Resource Management is an amazing program. I did it and it has served me very well. I have worked over 20 years in Human Resources. If someone had a certificate from the Extended Ed program at U of M, I always looked twice at that resume. It told me that they had a level of education and experience, that I wanted them working for me.”

Lisa Rosin





“Applied Human Resource Management was the perfect choice for me. It was an amazing experience. It was one of the most important periods of my life. It’s the perfect way for you to understand the human resources area here in Canada.”

Francisco Bastidas(Colombia)
Human Resource Administrator, New Directions
Applied Human Resource Management Grad





“Take this program to improve your communication skills, know about the Canadian culture and the Canadian workplace. I got so many good friends. We never felt we were away from home. It was very good studying here. It’s completely awesome.”

Amanjot Kaur Virk(India)
Customs Agent, Transat
Applied Human Resource Management Grad




“I would highly recommend our program. This is a very good opportunity. In a short time, I learned a lot. Human Resource planning, Human Resource strategy… We have to do analysis, step by step. Before, I didn’t have that clear sense of order. After, I just implement it. I just finished my internship. I made a lot of improvements there.”

Ying Lyu (China)
Student, Applied Human Resource Management




“The University of Manitoba is definitely the place to be. I have had a tremendous experience here. The program offers the opportunity to network with some really smart and intelligent people, the opportunity to learn from instructors who care about us and have sound industry knowledge. My previous education and work experience complimented the things that I’ve learned here, which makes me an even stronger professional.”

Avelia Stewart (Trinidad and Tobago)
Student, Applied Human Resource Management


Discover a lifetime of professional opportunity … from Winnipeg to the world. Applied Human Resource Management will help you advance your career by enhancing your intercultural fluency and international work experience.

Ideally suited for internationally educated professionals with a human resources career choice, the curricula combines comprehensive human resource management training with targeted language support and valuable on-the-job experience.

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The field of Human Resources provides exciting career choices. Responsibilities of professionals in this field include attracting, motivating and retaining the most important asset of an organization, its employees. Human Resources is often seen as the link between an organization’s management and its employees and provides the knowledge, tools and employee services that make an organization a positive workplace. Completing a Certificate in Human Resource Management (HRM) prepares you for work in this field and is an excellent starting point for a rewarding career path. Additional career success workshops, mentorship opportunities, and a path to professional designation – with an industry recognized association, make Applied Human Resource Management (AHRM) an ideal pathway towards professional success in Manitoba and beyond.

Credentials Awarded
Certificate in Human Resource Management and Letter of Accomplishment (LOA) in Career Preparation from the University of Manitoba.

Who is it for?

If you’re an internationally educated professional with a human resource management career choice, the curricula will provide you comprehensive management training with targeted language support and valuable on-the-job experience.

Admission Requirements


  • An undergraduate degree, or
  • A minimum of a 2-year post-secondary credential from a recognized institution may be considered.

Language Proficiency:

A minimum of a 6.5 Academic IELTS or equivalent. See the complete list of English language proficiency requirements

Work Experience:

  • With an undergraduate degree: a minimum of 1 year of full-time demonstrated professional work experience will be given preference.
  • With a 2-year post-secondary credential: a minimum of 6 months of full-time demonstrated work experience is required; candidates with a minimum of 1 year of full-time work experience will be given preference.

Complete the following application form and submit all required documents.

  • Apply online OR Fill in the Application form (PDF).
  • Include a translated copy of your academic transcript
  • Include proof of graduation (official degree or post-secondary credential)
  • Include a translated copy of your resume or curriculum vitae
  • Include a letter of Reference from an employer
  • Include proof of English language proficiency. (i.e. IELTS - academic stream, TOEFL pBT, TOEFL iBT)
  • Include a copy of your passport


  • Strengthen your resume. Gain a Certificate in Human Resource Management, a recognized university credential from the University of Manitoba, and apply for a professional designation with the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) (subject to their requirements).
  • Letter of Accomplishment- Career Preparation: to develop the soft skills that will help you succeed in the Canadian workplace. Learn how to successfully apply for jobs, build your communication skills, and begin to network.
  • Ladder into a degree at the University of Manitoba: 24 credit hours of your certificate can be applied towards the Bachelor of Arts: Integrated Studies.
  • Benefit from the Government of Manitoba initiatives for international students to work and live in Manitoba. To find out more, please check the website of the Government of Manitoba. To find out if you qualify for work opportunities in Manitoba, check the Government of Canada website.


With a combination of educational components, support services, and work placement, international students will have the opportunity to seamlessly integrate into the Manitoba community. Graduates of - Applied Human Resource Management (AHRM) are eligible to use their certificates in pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts: Integrated Studies.


12-month full-time Intensive Program Package. UM credentials completed in the first 10 months of study, over three consecutive academic terms. Industry experience or placement completed in the last two months of study. Academic program supports throughout.

Program Fees

September intake fees:

  • Application fee: $300
  • Tuition: $14,255.00
  • Total: $14,555.00 (Textbooks costs are additional and are approximately $1,000.00)
  • *Fees are subject to change


Your courses

You can register for courses either online or by email, mail, or fax. Please note, online registration is not supported on iOS (iPhone) and Android phone browsers.

Certificate in Human Resource Management

The Certificate in Human Resource Management (HRM) is composed of these courses:

  • HRM 0100 – Managing the Human Resource Function

    This course introduces the strategic management of the human resource functions within various types of organizations. While taking into account recent changes in the economic, social and legal environment, it examines the essential functions of recruitment, selection, performance management, training and development, health and safety, counselling, union/management relations and compensation.

  • HRM 0110 – Human Resource Legislation

    Provincial and some federal legislation regulating human resource management will be discussed. The course covers matters arising out of the Labour Relations Act, the Human Rights Code, the Employment Standards Act and related legislation, the Canadian Constitution, the Worker’s Compensation Act, the Pay Equity Act and other related labour and human resource legislation.

  • HRM 0122 – Recruitment and Selection

    This course emphasizes the staffing function within the context of the human resource management role in organizations. We will consider the recruitment process both from the internal point of view as an employer and also from the external one as a potential candidate. Major topics include: staffing in the context of employment planning, work analysis and legislation, managing human resource acquisition from internal or external sources, recruitment methods, interviews, employment testing, and candidate selection.

  • HRM 0124 – Workplace Health and Safety

    For most organizations today, the health and safety of workers is paramount to a vibrant and effective workplace; thus, HR professionals must have a solid understanding of workplace health and safety issues, policies and legislation. This course provides students with the knowledge, skills, and practical application needed to develop and ensure compliance to modern health, safety and wellness policies and procedures. Topics include current legislation within Canada, workers compensation, hazards, risks and interventions, and wellness programs.

  • HRM 0128 – Measuring Human Resource Efficiency and Effectiveness

    Traditionally, one challenge facing the HR professional has been the measurement of the apparently intangible goals and performance of the HR department, due to the lack of adequate data. Today HR metrics provide a method of measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the various functions of the HR department, thus resulting in a financially-accountable department. HR metrics quantify the cost and impact of employee programs and HR processes as well as measure the success (or failure) of HR initiatives. This course introduces students to HR metrics and measures, which include the concepts of cost per hire, yield ratio, turnover costs, training investment factor and revenue factor. This course will also address HR audits, HRIS design principles and reporting.

  • HRM 0126 – Strategic Human Resource Planning

    In pursuit of sustainable competitive advantage, human resources play an integral role in achieving the future direction of strategic business objectives.  The human resource area not only guides and supports employees and managers through the process; they also filter change across all functions of the organization. Strategic human resource planning enhances organizational performance by providing a unified focus and communicating performance expectations to employees. In the current innovate or die business environment, maximizing performance helps businesses stay ahead of the competition.

  • HRM 0210 – Total Compensation

    In pursuit of sustainable competitive advantage, human resources play an integral role in achieving the future direction of strategic business objectives.  The human resource area not only guides and supports employees and managers through the process; they also filter change across all functions of the organization. Strategic human resource planning enhances organizational performance by providing a unified focus and communicating performance expectations to employees. In the current innovate or die business environment, maximizing performance helps businesses stay ahead of the competition.

  • MGMT 0110 – Organizational Behaviour

    This course is designed to increase your understanding of human behaviour in the workplace. Topics include leadership, motivation, group dynamics and teamwork, problem solving, organization structure and change management.

  • MGMT 0202 – Staff Training and Development

    This course provides a broad foundation on how training can be used to improve employee performance, support career development, and attain organizational goals. Practical applications include conducting learning needs analysis, developing training strategies and plans, selecting training delivery methods, evaluating training outcomes, and supporting transfer of training to performance. This unit examines the strategic relationship between human resources development and organizational effectiveness, as well as future considerations for integrating learning media into training programs to meet the needs of the next generation of workers and leaders.

  • HRM 0202 – Labour RelationsThis course presents the theory and practice of labour relations in Canada; specifically, this course examines the employee relations framework within Canada including its legal, political, social, economic and ecological subsystems. Key topics include industrial relations, union-management relations, collective bargaining and labour economics. Special attention will be given to the strategies that managers can utilize in order to work effectively and fairly with employers and deal with difficult situations in both unionized and non-unionized environments. Throughout the course, students will explore and gain a better understanding of how key players act and interact.
  • HRM 0134 – Ethics and Social ResponsibilityIn a world where tolerance is prioritized, business ethics and standards can hard to define, navigate, and apply to the HR context. This course helps students identify and understand current ethical issues as they pertain to business in general and the HR function in particular, including the concept of corporate social responsibility. Students will explore the drafting and implementing of employee codes and conduct, which cover issues, such as safeguarding employee confidentiality, accepting gifts, the protection of “whistle-blowers,” conflicts of interest, and fair labour policies. Through the analysis of principles and theories of ethics, as well as ethical dilemmas faced in the workplace, students will be better prepared to examine current decision-making processes and HR practices in the workplace.

Letter of Accomplishment in Career Preparation

The Letter of Accomplishment: Career Preparation is composed of these courses:

  • MGMT 0132 - The Canadian WorkplaceWhile technical skills are valuable, it is transferable soft skills and an understanding of workplace values and employer expectations that are essential to a successful career in Canada. This course introduces students to Canadian workplace culture and norms with an emphasis on both the unwritten and written rules that govern appropriate workplace behaviour; from business customs and etiquette to policies, procedures and employment standards. Students will build the necessary awareness, understanding and competencies to succeed in the Canadian workplace, while developing the aptitudes for ongoing career management.
  • MGMT 0138 - Intercultural CommunicationThis course introduces students to the practice of intercultural communication. Students learn about barriers to intercultural communication and explore strategies for dealing with cultural differences in a workplace context. This workshop encourages students to explore their own cultural biases and better recognize, acknowledge, and respect the role that culture plays in the workplace. Students will have opportunities to reflect on and share their own experiences with intercultural communication, especially within a business context.
  • CONV 0208 - Pronunciation ClinicThis course helps students identify individual strengths and weaknesses in English pronunciation. Students will practice clear pronunciation techniques, including linking, intonation, word stress patterns, and focus words through authentic speaking tasks. They will learn to reproduce English language sounds to improve communication efficiency and their messages will be more accurately understood by listeners.
  • MGMT 0134 - Powerful Business WritingThe ability to communicate ideas through written correspondence is an essential workplace skill. Changes in communication and workplace technology have placed greater emphasis on this skill. Therefore, individuals who can write clearly and effectively are highly valued in the business world. This course teaches students techniques and best practices for writing in the Canadian business context. Through applied learning opportunities students practice developing common types of business correspondence. Students will examine the strategies behind powerful business writing and gain practical experience through in-class exercise and feedback on the most common forms of written workplace communication.
  • MGMT 0142 - Effective Presentation SkillsA key soft skill in the Canadian workplace is the ability to speak effectively with peers, authorities, customers, and public. This course helps students hone their speaking skills and develop the confidence necessary for successful speaking tasks. Students learn how to present ideas, communicate messages, and use voice, gestures, and body language more effectively within a business context.
  • MGMT 0136 - Networking 101This workshop develops students’ understanding of what networking entails in a Canadian context and its importance as a professional tool for career success. Students will study and apply interpersonal skills and strategies commonly used by effective communicators/socializers in everyday networking situations. In doing so, students will be exposed to language that is reflective of authentic conversation in terms of cultural politeness and appropriateness within the Canadian workplace context.

Support and Work Placement

Support Services

  • Language and Study Support

Work Placement Work-integrated Learning Project

  • 175 hour internship placement
  • Placement determined by resume and professional goals


How long does it take to complete?

12-month full-time Intensive Program Package. UM credentials completed in the first 10 months of study, over three consecutive academic terms. Industry experience or placement completed in the last two months of study. Academic program supports throughout.

What is a Letter of Accomplishment (LOA)?

The Letter of Accomplishment credential indicates that you have successfully completed an intensive, focused programing that addresses the educational requirements for a very precise field of study.

If your plans change, are you eligible for a refund?

The $300 application fee and the $2,000 tuition deposit payable at time of admission are non-refundable and non-transferrable. The remainder of the tuition is fully refundable if you decide to withdraw before the start date. Once started, there is no refund of tuition fees. In exceptional circumstances, Extended Education may consider a refund if an appeal is filed and documentation provided.

Do I have to take the courses in a specific order?


Is there a conditional admission pathway?

Effective January 1, 2020, those who not meet English Language Proficiency requirements and are seeking conditional admission into Applied Business Management, Applied Human Resources Management, and Applied Business Analysis (Intensive Program Packages) will need to enrol in the Academic English Program for University and College Entrance (AEPUCE) offered by the English Language Centre (ELC).Conditional admission application process into one of the Intensive Program Packages must be done through Extended Education. For more information on AEPUCE please visit


Apply to the Program:

1. Fill Out an Application Form

Apply Online Apply Now


Download and submit a completed Program Application Form.
AHRM Program Application Form (PDF)

2. Gather Your Transcripts and Documents:

Your submission will include:

  • A translated copy of your academic transcript.  Photocopies are accepted for applications however originals are required upon arrival.
  • Proof of graduation (copy of degree or diploma)
  • A copy of your passport
  • Proof of English language proficiency if not from an English exempt country. (i.e. IELTS, TOFEL pBT, TOFEL iBT, CLB, TOEIL)
  • A copy of your resume or CV
  • A letter of reference from an employer

Transcripts become the property of University of Manitoba and will not be returned.

3. Submit Your Documents:

Submit completed application form, transcripts and documents, along with your $300 application fee payment to: Student and Instructor Services

185 Extended Education Complex University of Manitoba Winnipeg, MB, R3T 2N2 or by email:

4. Reserve your seat:

Your application will be reviewed and assessed within 5 – 10 business days. If you meet the eligibility criteria and if seats are available,
you will be offered admission to the programming you applied for. To reserve your seat, you must make a non-refundable $2,000 tuition deposit within 3 weeks of receiving your admission offer. Upon receipt of your payment, we will issue a Letter of Acceptance to you. If your tuition deposit is not received, your admission offer will expire.

5. Make final payment:

One month prior to your start date, the remainder of the tuition must be paid to the University.


Get your health care plan

If you are an International student with Extended Education at the University of Manitoba, enrollment in the Manitoba International Student Insurance Plan is mandatory.

Find out how to get your health care plan now.

International student update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, courses for the Winter and Summer 2021 terms will be offered through a live, synchronous and asynchronous delivery method in Central Standard Time. Extended Education is closely monitoring the situation and will transition to in-person delivery methods only once it has been deemed safe to do so by the appropriate federal, provincial and university authorities.

For information regarding Post-Graduation Work Permit eligibility for students beginning programs online, please visit

Upcoming Intakes

Applied Business Analysis
Sept 2021 - Open

Applied Business Management
Sept 2021 - Open

Applied HR Management
Sept 2021 - Open

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Bachelor of Arts Integrated Studies

Take your education to the next level and apply your certificate towards an undergraduate degree. Graduates of the Applied Human Resource Management (AHRM) program are eligible to use their certificates in pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts Integrated Studies degree.

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The Applied Human Resource Management is accredited by CPHR Manitoba. CPHR Manitoba members earn CPHR Continued Professional Development hours for completing courses in this program. Documentation to confirm hours earned is provided by Extended Education at the U of M upon successful completion of each course.

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