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Applied Business Analysis

Offered in academic partnership with the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)


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Intensive Programming in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
12 months, full-time with a potential work placement

Program Fees: $14,040.00 (Textbooks costs are additional and are approximately $1,000.00)

Credentials awarded: Certificate in Business Analysis and Letter of Accomplishment (LoA) in Career Preparation from the University of Manitoba, plus eligibility for additional credential from the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)

Designation eligibility: Certifications are provided by the International Institute for Business Analysis (IIBA),  the professional association maintaining the global standard for industry practices and certification.

What students and graduates say

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“The University of Manitoba is definitely the place to be. I have had a tremendous experience here. The program offers the opportunity to network with some really smart and intelligent people, the opportunity to learn from instructors who care about us and have sound industry knowledge. My previous education and work experience complimented the things that I’ve learned here, which makes me an even stronger professional.”

Avelia Stewart (Trinidad and Tobago)
Applied Human Resource Management





“I think that my experience at the University of Manitoba was incomparable. It was one of the most rewarding challenges, a great achievement in my life. The quality of the teachers, the staff and curriculum are really important because they made me understand the skills that are transferable from my country to Canada, because you understand how important it is to grow as a professional and as a person. I do recommend everyone come here to study.”

Estephania Guzman (Colombia)
Operational Analyst, The Northwest Company
Applied Business Management Grad 2019





“A business course doesn’t only relate to one line of career. This is a really good one to do. The opportunity is here for practicum. The school, I love it. You’ll go a very long way. I think what I have learned is really going to help me. With my two degrees and my years of experience in my field, this is just like the icing on the cake for me.”

Hauwa Roti (Nigeria)

Student, Applied Business Management





“Take this program to improve your communication skills, know about the Canadian culture and the Canadian workplace. I got so many good friends. We never felt we were away from home. It was very good studying here. It’s completely awesome.”

Amanjot Kaur Virk (India)
Customs Agent, Transat
Applied Human Resource Management Grad


What instructors say

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“I really actually can’t image what it’s like to pick up stakes and move halfway across the world. So, I see my job both as delivering the academic material and also explaining some Canadian things. Helping my students to thrive in the Canadian workplace is what I’m after. I am trying to make sure my students learn everything that they have to and that they actually understand it.”

Nicole Barnabe
Intensive Programming Instructor
Extended Education at the U of M


Your opportunity

Be a part of making things better. Learn the skills, knowledge, and tasks of the growing business analysis profession as you earn international experience.

Learn the tools and techniques of business analysis

Identify business needs and facilitate effective solutions using the tools and techniques of business analysis, with the Business Analysis Book of Knowledge (BABOK) as your textbook and experienced business analysts to guide you. You’ll emerge with valuable technical and people skills, much closer to coveted IIBA designation.

Industry skills

Learn the essentials of business analysis, by industry standards. You will build your skills in relevant areas including how to work in an Agile project environment, how to adapt your process efficiently as you go, and more. You will enhance both your technical and your soft skills including communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration.

Introduction to Canada

Experience the culture and the workplace in Canada, with career preparation, language support, and a potential work placement, as you learn business analysis. Become a more capable business analyst, better prepared to perform the tasks of business analysis and better prepared to write IIBA certification exams.

Courses- Certificate in Business Analysis

Business Analysis Certificate

MGMT 0520: Excellence in Communication

Successful leadership is closely linked to the ability to communicate convincingly, efficiently and effectively. By successfully completing this course, students will become familiar with key strategies in effectively applying a wide range of organizational communication strategies and styles.

BUAN 0100: Business Analysis Fundamentals

This course examines the professional roles and responsibilities of business analysts; provides an overview of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK); and introduces BA concepts, methodologies, techniques, and tools. After outlining BA’s historical and contemporary contexts, the course considers emerging trends and technologies that are shaping the field’s future. Also explored are fundamental skills and competencies required to carry out BA tasks. Business Analysis Fundamentals is a prerequisite for all other core courses except MGMT 0520: Excellence in Communication.

BUAN 0110: Planning and Monitoring
BUAN 0120: Elicitation and Collaboration

This course addresses tasks that business analysts will perform to obtain information from and manage collaborations with stakeholders. It explores a variety of techniques for performing elicitation and collaboration activities. It also examines ways of overcoming challenges when applying these techniques in real world business situations. Methods for testing and confirming elicitation results are also addressed. Prerequisite: BUAN 0100.

LDRS 0530: Leading Organizational Change

This course will focus on the personal qualities and abilities that are critical for the practice and modeling of effective leadership. As traditional hierarchical approaches to leadership are being replaced by leadership through influence, credibility is established through how values and purposes are consistently enacted and embodied in the workplace. It will offer learners an intentional shift away from deeply rooted individualistic and non-systemic views of leadership and their corresponding practices to building personal mastery.

BUAN 0130: Requirements Life Cycle Management

BUAN 0140: Strategy and Enterprise Analysis

Strategy analysis is often the starting point for initiating a new project, and it involves determining the most effective ways of mobilizing the resources and capabilities of an enterprise to reach a desired set of goals and objectives. This course explores the components of strategy and enterprise analysis to identify problems and locate solutions; advancing from a current state towards a future state; and responding to new information and unanticipated factors. Prerequisite: BUAN 0100.

BUAN 0150: Solution Assessment and Validation

BUAN 0160 Agile Business Analysis

MGMT 0150: Project Management

This course will focus on the project management life cycle and organization including project definition, cost benefit analysis, planning, scheduling, group dynamics, control and project completion.

BUAN 0170: Business Case Development Project

BUAN 0910: Special Topics: Business Analysis IT

This course explores Indigenous perspectives on business and economic development and the challenges and opportunities of doing business in Indigenous contexts. The topics addressed will vary according to factors, such as current events, instructor expertise, and student need.

Courses- Letter of Accomplishment in Career Preparation

CONV 0208: Pronunciation Clinic
MGMT 0134: Powerful Business Writing
MGMT 0142: Effective Presentation Skills
MGMT 0136: Networking 101
MGMT 0138: Intercultural Communication
MGMT 0132: The Canadian Workplace

International student update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, courses for the Fall 2020 term will be offered through a live, synchronous and asynchronous delivery method in Central Standard Time. Extended Education is closely monitoring the situation and will transition to in-person delivery methods only once it has been deemed safe to do so by the appropriate federal, provincial and university authorities.

For information regarding Post-Graduation Work Permit eligibility for students beginning programs online, please visit

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Industry Experience

175 hour internship placement OR preparatory industry experience course
Placement eligibility determined by resume, professional goals and performance in the program.

Support Services

Language and Study Support

Entrance Requirements

An undergraduate degree
(a minimum of a 2-year post-secondary credential from a recognized institution may be considered.)

Language Proficiency

A minimum of a 6.5 Academic IELTS or equivalent
The complete list of English language proficiency requirements

Work Experience
With an undergraduate degree: a minimum of 1 year of full-time demonstrated professional work experience will be given preference.

With a 2-year post-secondary credential: a minimum of 6 months of full-time demonstrated work experience is required; candidates with a minimum of 1 year of full-time work experience will be given preference.

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