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Access Program

Discover the path between you and your dreams

Launch the journey toward your dreams. When you’re accepted to the Access program, you have the support you need to forge your way to a successful academic future.

With Access, you’ll find the supportive place, people, and programs that will help you succeed.

Is Access right for you?

If there are barriers that might prevent you from enrolling or succeeding in the University of Manitoba, then Access can help. Social, economic, or cultural barriers may impede your journey. Lack of a formal education, or residence in a remote area can be an obstacle. Whatever the challenge, Access can help you when you qualify for regular University of Manitoba entrance, or if you’re a mature student who is 21 or older and are admissible to University 1.

The Access program is available to all Manitoba residents, with preference given to Aboriginal people (Status, Non-Status, Metis, Inuit), residents of Northern Manitoba, low income earners, and newcomers.

Access is a free program for all who are accepted.

Access to a Place

You will find a comforting welcome at Migizii Agamik (Bald Eagle Lodge). The building design reflects the Traditional Teachings of Indigenous Peoples of the area, and is designed to provide a home-away-from home feeling for all of its visitors.

This smudge-friendly environment features a computer lab, student lounge, gathering space, and a kitchen. The building also features a Circle Room for ceremonies, meetings, and classes that require a sacred space.

Migizii Agamik is a place that fills all of its visitors with a sense of belonging. Going through university is easier when you go through these doors. With Access, your path includes a comforting space to relax and recharge.

Access to People

As an Access student, you can look to many faces of support. Form bonds with other Access students – who all have shared backgrounds experiences. Gather to honour shared success. Join a dynamic community built on respect and understanding.

In addition, you can also rely on the support of Elders in Residence, student advisors, and administrators to help you on you academic journey.

With Access, your path is shared.

Access to Programs

The rigors of university life can be a heavy load. With Access, the burden is lightened with several academic, personal, and financial programs.

Individual academic advising, tutorials, and regular consultations with Academic Advisors help you with some of the scholastic challenges that you’ll discover along your path. Personal help can be found in individual and family counselling, housing assistance, childcare assistance, university/urban adjustment assistance, communication and personal development workshops, and career counselling.

With Access, the path is easier to travel.


How Do I Apply?

Complete the online application form to apply to the Access Program. Applications are due on May 1.

Apply Now

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Access Program?

Located at The University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, the Access Program provides a support network designed to increase student success. Major focuses are academic and personal supports. These include an extensive orientation to university expectations, a staff taught credit course on study skills and exam preparation, individualized academic advising and personal counselling.

How Does the Access Program Help?

The Access Program provides you with academic and personal supports, and financial consultation.

Academic Support

  • An extensive pre-university orientation held in August
  • Individual academic advising
  • Introduction to University course for degree credit
  • Tutorials
  • Academic Advisors consult regularly with the Access students

Personal Support/Counselling

  • Individual and Family
  • Housing assistance
  • Childcare assistance
  • University/urban adjustment assistance
  • Communication and personal development workshops
  • Career counselling
  • Counselling Support Staff are available for Access students

Financial Support

We encourage applicants to explore all outside funding options. Since September 1995, many Access Programs applicants brought funding from outside sources which included Band Sponsorship, Study Assistance for Social Allowance Recipients (SASAR), scholarships and bursaries.

Students with insufficient outside funding have applied to the Manitoba Student Financial Assistance Program.

Financial Support Staff and Counsellors provide consultation.

How Are Students Selected?

In mid-May all completed applications are screened by a committee. Applicants who have been recommended by the committee are invited to Winnipeg for interviews. Each applicant is interviewed by a committee who recommends those applicants most suited for the program to the Director. Applicants are then notified of the Director’s decision by phone or mail.

When Does the Program Start?

The university term starts in September. First year Access students are required to attend an extensive orientation in August.

Are the Access Programs available online?

No, these programs are not available through Distance and Online Education.

With Access, you’ll find the supportive place, people, and programs that will help you succeed.

More Information

Access Program
Migizii Agamik, Room 221 – 114 Sidney Smith St.
The University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2
or phone: (204) 474-8000
or toll free in Manitoba: 1-800-432-1960 ext. 8000
Fax: (204) 275-6489

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