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The Access Program

Access the University of Manitoba


Manitoba residents starting university this fall must apply for the Access Program by May 1

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What is Access?

The University of Manitoba Access Program provides holistic support to students choosing to begin an academic journey. Students may qualify for Access if there is a demonstrated personal, academic or financial need. Students who live in the north or remote locations are encouraged to apply.

Is Access right for me?

If there are any barriers that might prevent you from enrolling or succeeding in the University of Manitoba, Access can help. You must qualify for regular university entrance, or as a mature student of 21 or older who is admissible to University 1. Any resident of Manitoba may apply. Preference is given to Indigenous peoples (Status, Non-Status, Inuit, Métis), residents of Northern Manitoba, low-income earners and newcomers.

Access is a free program.

Access students are supported with

Academic Advising
An academic advisor to assist you in course selection, registration, degree planning and other related academic questions or issues.

Personal Counselling
A personal counsellor to help you transition to university, manage your time, and just to talk.

Full-time Indigenous Unkan (Grandfather)
The Unkan (Grandfather)-in-Residence brings great knowledge, culture and balance to the program. His door is always open. 

Financial Advisor
Providing help with application for Manitoba Student Aid, any questions or issues with your loans, communication with the band office, and scholarship and bursary applications.

Smaller Classes
Take the U of M’s Common First Year in smaller classes with fellow Access student, taught by Access instructors.

Learning Labs
Access holds weekly Learning Labs to enhance first-year courses, personal development, and cultural wisdom.

Tutoring Hours Included
Five hours of tutoring per week.

Connection to the Indigenous Community
Situated in Migizii Agamik (Bald Eagle Lodge) on the Fort Garry Campus, Access provides an excellent opportunity to connect with the Indigenous community.

What students say about Access

“Stick with your dreams. Pursue your goals. You can make it. I had so many obstacles and barriers that I had to break through, but the Access Program was a really big help for me. Have you applied for the Access Program?”

Kaitlin Fosseneuve, U of M student, U of M graduate
Métis and Cree from Cranberry Portage

“It would be hard to imagine university without Access. University is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Access is a great support system.”

Christie Lavallee, U of M student
Métis from St. Ambroise

“The people at Access were so good and supportive. They allowed me to have confidence in myself, to know I can do this.”

Victoria McIntosh, U of M student
Anishinaabe from Sagkeeng First Nation

“Access has really been the backbone for me. It’s a welcoming place, with easy-going and approachable people. It’s the best.”

Julianna Albert, U of M student
Cree from Norway House

“Access made me feel welcome at university. I have so many opportunities. It changed my life.”

Antonina Kandiurin, U of M student
Métis/Cree/Russian from Churchill

“Access told me one thing that changed my life: Don’t let your income determine your outcome. That changed everything.”

Ocean White, U of M student
Ojibway from Whitefish Bay

“Access is my go-to when I need assistance. They guide you. I worked. I raised six kids. I was ready to take the next step.”

Rachel Gaywish, U of M student
Ojibway/Icelandic from Rolling River First Nation

“With Access, you are never alone. University is not as overwhelming as it may seem.”

Jessica Lafond, U of M student
Indigenous from Winnipeg

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More students on Access


Jesse McGregor

“With Access, I am not here alone. I am here with all the support I need.”

Jesse McGregor, U of M student
Cree Indigenous from Grand Rapids

“Access provided me with the resources to ensure my success along the way in my academic journey. The environment in itself is very inspiring.”

Naomi Edwards, Recreation Management and Community Development student
Inner City Winnipeg


“The people at Access work hard to see our need, and then they fill it. They care so much about us.”

Charlene Hallett, U of M student
Métis Cree from Winnipeg


“In Access, you feel like a person, not just a number.”

Curtis Leclerc, Kinesiology student
Micmac from The Pas

“The Access program provided me with fundamental cultural, personal, and academic support.”

Kristin Flattery, Education student & Graduate of Fine Arts
Dakota Anishinabe from Long Plains First Nation

Access grads

With Access, a number of students have forged a path to success over the years. They have earned degrees in medicine, arts, social work, science, education, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, medical rehabilitation, law, and more.

Access includes three paths:

University of Manitoba Access Program (UMAP) – supports students in degree and diploma programs at the U of M. It is available to all Manitoba residents, with preference given to Indigenous people, residents of Northern Manitoba, low income earners, and newcomers.

Health Careers Access Program (HCAP) – prepares Indigenous (Metis, Status, Non-Status, Inuit) residents of Manitoba for entry to health-related professions such as Medicine, Dentistry, Dental Hygiene, Pharmacy, Rehabilitation Sciences, and Nursing.

Professional Health Program (PHP) – supports Indigenous (Metis, Status, Non-Status, Inuit) residents of Manitoba pursuing health-related professions such as Medicine, Dentistry, Dental Hygiene, Pharmacy, Rehabilitation Sciences, and Nursing.

Student selection

Applications are reviewed by a committee. Selected applicants are invited to Winnipeg for interviews. The director makes the final decision, and students are notified by phone or mail. First year Access students must attend an orientation in August, before the university year starts in September.

The Access Program

Migizii Agamik
Room 221 – 114 Sidney Smith St.
The University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3T 2N2

Contact Access

Phone:  204.474.8000
Toll-free in Manitoba: 1-800-432-1960 ext. 8000
Fax: 204.275.6489

Apply Now. Deadline is May 1

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