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Professional development
From the University of Manitoba

Build on your degree, diploma, or experience, and add a university credential to your resume with us.

Extended Education at the U of M is a leading provider of courses and programs designed to help you keep learning and move forward in your career. Our courses and programs draw upon the expertise of the university, industry, and community. We are the preferred higher educational provider and partner in Manitoba, and a premier provider of online professional development programs in Canada.

Whether you are looking for a fresh start and a new career direction, or to strengthen your knowledge and skills in your chosen profession, we have options for you.

Nothing beats the convenience of studying online. Study with us online from anywhere in Canada, with a variety of excellent programs and courses to choose from.

Get down to business and build on your professional and management skills with our in-demand courses in programs including Business Analysis, Quality Management, Human Resource Management, and more.

Prepare to make the world a better place. Build your knowledge and career with courses in programs including Teach English as a Second Language (TESL), Program Development for Adult Learners (PDAL), and more.

Prepare to build your career in post-secondary administration in programs including Higher Education Administration, or refine your academic advising skills with Academic Advising.

Join one of three 12-month full-time Intensive Programming Packages to earn your Certificate in Business Analysis, Management and Administration, or Human Resource Management as well as a Letter of Accomplishment in Career Preparation. Bring all your knowledge, skills, and experience together in a 5 to 7 week Industry Placement with one of Manitoba’s leading companies.

What graduates and students say

“I was told that I would never be able to graduate, never be able to have a family or anything like that, and I proved them all wrong. It’s a great community of teachers and students, and I’ve made friendships I will cherish my entire life. If I had one choice in life and I had unlimited money, I would spend my entire life as a student, just learning. Do it. It’s one of the greatest things you’ll ever do in your life.”

Matt MacRae
Applied Counselling Grad

“Thirty years ago, when I was doing my Bachelor of Education, I noticed an older woman in class next to me and I thought, what is she doing in university at her age? Now I understand. Life is a journey and it is about learning. Give it a chance. Start with one course. I actually think you’ll like it.”

Helen Guenther
Student, Extended Education

“It was a long journey, working full-time and going to school, but it was worth it. The program was very informative, very rewarding both personally and professionally. I have been using the skills already. And I am more knowledgeable now about resources that I can offer.”

Bonnie Murray
Applied Counselling Grad

“U of M is a good facility. It was my best choice. The program was very professional. The instructors were knowledgeable and had practical experience. I am getting a Canadian certificate. Now I plan to resume my HR profession.”

Rana Muhammad Ahmad Noon
Human Resource Management Grad

“Going back to school, with the whole online component, you can work at your own pace. As a police officer and shift worker, I could come home at three in the morning and work on things. I think lifelong learning is very important. I’m not done yet.”

Belinda Duncan
Student, Extended Education

What instructors say

“I hope that my students are able to look at a problem that they’re faced with from a legal perspective so they can develop a skill set, and progress into management successfully. Take this education, apply it at work and advance. It gives you a real opportunity to better yourself, to better your prospects, better your professional network. You have a real opportunity to be a lifelong learner which is so important, to show that you’re a leader.”

Justin Zarnowski
Instructor, Canadian Business Law
Extended Education at the University of Manitoba

“The instructors at Extended Education are great instructors who are able to provide real-world, real work experience for the students.

“Strategic Analysis is a really great course and it’s a discipline that I’m really excited and passionate about. It takes a look at all aspects of an organization and decides what an organization should do in the future. A pandemic or an epidemic is something that always comes up as a possible threat for an organization.”

Kim Van Kosh
Instructor, Strategic Analysis
Extended Education at the University of Manitoba

“With accounting, it’s like teaching a language. You’re teaching the language of business… Accounting is kind of a dry subject. It’s exciting when you get to the real world and you are putting it to practical use.

“In FINC 0200, we go from basic accounting to managerial accounting where we help managers with their decisions. In FINC 0300, a corporate finance course, we’re dealing with more advanced types of topics on how corporations finance their activities.”

Frank Nowak
Instructor, Accounting
Extended Education at the University of Manitoba

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