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The A,B,C.V.s                                                          We have witnessed a lot of unpleasant things in the past decade.
of Professional                                                      Credit markets nearly decimated the global economy. More and
Growth                                                               more service sector jobs move to the far reaches of Asia. And the
                                                                     cost of bacon has increased dramatically. It’s a different world out
Turning competitive challenges                                       there – loaded with insecurity, and the real fear of settling on bo-
into opportunities through                                           logna and eggs for breakfast .
Extended Education
                                                                       It’s easy to feel helpless. However, individuals and businesses can
Pad Your C.V.                                                        help themselves. It takes work, study, and dedication, but through
                                                                     constant attention to training, education, and even more re-train-
There are number of ways to add university-recognized                ing, employees and employers can maintain the necessary com-
credentials and achievements to a C.V.                               petitive edge to succeed personally and professionally. In short,
Individuals:                                                         education must maintain the same pace as experience on a C.V.
• Certificate – Structured programs, ranging from 180 to 400
                                                                       That’s where Extended Education steps in.
 contact hours and five to six courses.
• Post-Baccalaureate Certificate - acredential that you can add to    When Gary Hepburn, Dean of Extended Education, says,“We’re
                                                                     extending the academic power of University of Manitoba’s re-
 your Bachelor’s degree.                                             sources to the community”, he’s speaking to every community.
• Letter of Accomplishment (LOA)– Less intensive in time and        That includes working professionals, businesses, and professional
                                                                     organizations. The goal is two-fold: to provide real educational
 course load than a certificate, an LOA delivers a lighter, yet      tools that will help employees stay competitive in their jobs and
 relevant, credential.                                               to maintain a solid professional trajectory, and to work with busi-
• Individual Courses - Students can enroll in courses of interest,  nesses and organizations to develop and launch educational plat-
 which can be later applied to relevant certificate programs.        forms that address immediate and future needs.
• Existing Programs: You are encouraged to inform staff of            Gary says, “Now, more than ever, it’s critical for individuals and
 educational opportunities, and to support their professional        business organizations to react quickly to changing market forces.
 development with current offerings.                                 While they are often reactive, the University of Manitoba must be
• Partner Programs: Extended Education will work with you           proactive.” Gary goes on to say that, “Extended Education mines
 to develop specific programs that meet your organization’s needs.   and processes the University’s resources, then produces applied
• Corporate Training Solutions: Receive tailored educational        programs, courses, and corporate training solutions that meet the
 sessions that deliver unique training.                              needs of our community … all in a nimble, responsive, and fo-
                                                                     cused way”.

                                                                       The University of Manitoba’s Extended Education recognizes
                                                                     the need for perpetual learning and training. It’s no longer only
                                                                     for the ambitious. Competitive forces are making it necessary
                                                                     for individuals and employers to develop learning objectives and
                                                                     training to ensure that they aren’t left behind. Additional educa-
                                                                     tion isn’t just a“nice to have” part of the C.V. It’s now a “must-have”.

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