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Gary Hepburn, PhD   We’re Western Canada’s first university. We say it with pride. With that reputation, comes
                    notions of stability, strength, and dependability. The University of Manitoba has a very
Dean, Division of   strong foundation, providing a firm ground for Extended Education to leap from – quickly
Extended Education  and with agility. It’s this responsiveness that delivers true value to our community. From
                    Post Baccalaureate programs in E-Learning to our Project Management course, we have
                    our eyes trained on education that meets the immediate and future needs of individuals
                    and business organizations. In short, we extend the academic power of the University of
                    Manitoba to address current challenges and to seize future opportunities. It’s only the
                    beginning, and I personally look forward to the many new innovative initiatives that
                    Extended Education will bring to your community.
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